Our beautiful, open farms are located in Trafalgar, in West Gippsland, an area well known for its rich farmland, high rainfall and kind climate. We farm over 5000 dairy goats using the feed we grow on the farm and employ locally for workers to conduct the milking and farm work. At this time we farm half the total milking goats in Australia and are growing at a rapid pace to continue to be Australia’s leading goat milk supplier. Goat farming, like all farming is conducted in a regular cycle. Attention to animal health and hygiene is paramount to ensure high quality milk.



Milking is done twice a day. A team of 5 people arrive every morning at 5am to begin milking. It takes 3 people 4 hours to milk the goats while the rest of the team work outside bringing goats to the dairy parlour and make sure that all the animals have feed to eat and are healthy. Mornings are very busy times of the day for us making sure that everything is to milked and fed in time for the milk tanker which arrives to take the milk fresh to the factory.

In the spring when the kids are being born more people will start early to feed the kids their milk, feed them hay and do the many jobs that are needed for kid rearing. One of the interesting things about goats is that they like to kid at the same time. This means that it is normal for the farm to have 200 new baby kids born each day for a busy week. At these times we may have 4 people each day feeding and looking after new born babies. The new born kids stay with their mothers for the first day to make sure they get the colostrum they need for a healthy start to life. Afternoon milking starts again at 2.30pm and when visiting our farm you can see this for yourself!


We feed our goats a mixture of food, most of which is grown on the farm. Home grown pasture, silage and hay form the majority of the goat’s diet. In addition they get a concentrate ration along with some minerals and vitamins to make sure they stay healthy. We do not use feed modifiers or antibiotics in our feeds and all our foods are GMO free.


Our goats are kept on sawdust in large open air barns with lots of room to move around. Our goats are kept dry, clean and well fed and in a well ventilated environment. By keeping the goats in this way we keep the goats free of internal parasites ( which means we don’t have to drench them with anthelmintics), they stay warm and dry which keeps them healthy, and they stay free from the foxes which can be a problem with new born kids. Goats are a social and friendly animal that like living in a familiar environment. We farm like this to ensure a well-balanced diet, freedom from disease and for good quality milk. As part of our farming and business policy we offer customers the opportunity to visit the farm, simply contact us.


Our processing facilities are situated in Keysborough Melbourne, Australia. At our factory we make our range of fresh goat and cows milks, yoghurts, powders, dairy free yoghurts and probiotic drinks as well as our real chocolate milk drink for distribution through our outlets in Australia and to our international customers. We ensure our facilities stay at the highest level of hygiene standards and efficiency. When all fresh milks arrive to the factory directly from the farms, it is immediately transferred into large chilled silos. By keeping the milk at less than 4C we can ensure the quality and freshness is maintained. Further, the fresh milk is pasteurised the same day and is normally processed into a variety of products that same day as well.